Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek
— Former President Barack Obama




Who are You?

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Disclaimer: Ok this isn’t all inclusive, there maybe some mix ‘n’ match or even other traits that aren’t mentioned. But lets look at three for a start.

1. The Consumer

              The Consumer sees it - buys it. Full Stop. I could stop there. They go with the crowd, the trend, the celebrity, the advert. There’s not much self actualisation involved. They don’t necessarily need the stuff but its a want and that want has to be scratched. Living daily from hand to mouth, from payday to payday (or credit card to repossession). There are tons of these folk...Heeello?

2. The Investor

              The Investor is a thinker. They purchase for the long haul, no instant gratification. No, this purchase / investment is for the children and the children’s children. These folk take time to investigate, to hear testimonies, to see past & present results and future predictions. They look at the legacy criteria and are prepared to pay the price. There are fewer black folk in this stream... Is that you?

3. The Influencer

              The Influencer is ahead of the curve. They launch out into the deep and boldly go where no one has gone before! They change the atmosphere when they walk into a room and change the heart-beat of a nation. The are the Change Agents that buck against the status quo and stereotypes and make their own footprints in the sand. Yes, I know these are a lot of ‘super power’ cliches but wouldn’t YOU like to be known as one of these?


Everyone starts as a consumer, hell thats what makes the world go round. so you go girl OR boy!

However if you remain a consummer that brings issues. You never have anything to give and if your job or health fails then you’ve had it.

So start investing in yourself, your family, your community. And in doing that consistently and passionately you become an influencer and become the change agent that you were meant to be.




Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.
— – Carol Moseley-Braun

You know there’s a social norm that is endemic in society, that when you get to a certain age you should retire. That there’s a cut off point to your worth to the social construct. That at the age of 50, 60 onwards you need to put down the plough shares and go lie down in a hammock or nursing home cause your more or less spent. 


That is so short-sighted and in truth insulting that it makes my blood boil.

Hey at the age of 53 (yeah i’m fifty-three) I’ve just begun.

My daughter’s all raised, I have two gorgeous grandsons; I own my own home and hubby and me still are active and healthy so why shouldn’t we plunge into the next new adventure! 

If anyone knows me they would know that my passion has always been photography. I pottered around it for years cause as a single mum for the first 13 years of my daughters life I had to prioritise her welbeing and stability.(a girl has to do what a girl has to do). 

Then I met the man of my dreams and got married. So now I was a wife AND mother. Then 3 years on I became a reluctant grandmother. So again my role changed and my dreams sat on the back burner. Now and again there was the spurt of creativity and imputus to get out the camera but by then my confidence had been shot to hell. 


My wake up call came when my younger brother died. No one wants to lose a family member to cancer but certainly not your baby brother. His death shook me to the core and more so cause I didn’t even know he had bowel cancer. It was the start of my waking up to the fragility of life and impartiality of time. 

Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.
— - Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut

Sometime in life the Universe knocks on your door and says FOR GOD SAKE WAKE UP, and you gotta wake up and discover and live the authenic you, regardless of what it costs or whose nose gets out of joint. You can’t allow tradition, culture, society etc., to dictate who or what you are; you owe it to yourself and the Universe to be the REAL YOU in this life before you are embraced by the cold dark earth. 


Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, the negative Nancy’s and the jealous Julia’s; get off your butt and start a new chapter of your Life. and make the rest of your Life the BEST of YOUR LIFE.


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Standing Out

Don’t sail using someone else’s star
— African Proverb

We can't afford to be like everyone else. We can't live our lives copying someone else's style, personality, charisma. Otherwise we become poor imitations of an original and who wants that. 


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So look in the mirror and see what makes you unique. What makes you YOU? Take a selfie and look at it objectively, without comparing yourself to the latest celeb or that judgemental relative (yeah you know the one, he / she always has something negative to say). No, look at yourself how the Universe , your Creator or Source would look at you - Totally unique, totally awesome.

Through Creations Eyes

Flaws aren't flaws if you see it through Creations eyes.  I have a squint, sometimes a pronounced squint. My eye will sometimes drift to one side and its obvious. I have heard all the cold, cruel names children (and some adults) can dream up and I have wished and prayed that things were different. But heck they aren't. so what can I do about it. I didn't want my photo taken, I hid BEHIND the camera for years. Until I took my first selfie. My daughter slapped some make up on me and I ran upstairs to see myself and maybe for the first time I REALLY SAW MYSELF and I liked what I saw. Others, strangers not just friends & family liked what I saw, so that compounded my growing self-confidence. And I began expressing my self through the camera's lens. Now today hell I LOVE ME, flaws and all. 

Get over yourself

For you it maybe a scar or blemish complexion, protruding eyes or big forehead, hey we all have fears or insecurities that we bring to the table. I've had clients that before they stand before my camera say that they 'don't take good pictures' that they 'are not photogenic' or that the 'camera doesn't like them'. But once relaxed and trusting that my aim was to bring out the best in them,  have been shocked and delighted at the end results. 


The bottom line is when you get comfortable with YOU (warts and all) then whether the world likes you or not YOU can let your light shine.