Standing Out

Don’t sail using someone else’s star
— African Proverb

We can't afford to be like everyone else. We can't live our lives copying someone else's style, personality, charisma. Otherwise we become poor imitations of an original and who wants that. 


2018-06-24 17.18.53.jpg

So look in the mirror and see what makes you unique. What makes you YOU? Take a selfie and look at it objectively, without comparing yourself to the latest celeb or that judgemental relative (yeah you know the one, he / she always has something negative to say). No, look at yourself how the Universe , your Creator or Source would look at you - Totally unique, totally awesome.

Through Creations Eyes

Flaws aren't flaws if you see it through Creations eyes.  I have a squint, sometimes a pronounced squint. My eye will sometimes drift to one side and its obvious. I have heard all the cold, cruel names children (and some adults) can dream up and I have wished and prayed that things were different. But heck they aren't. so what can I do about it. I didn't want my photo taken, I hid BEHIND the camera for years. Until I took my first selfie. My daughter slapped some make up on me and I ran upstairs to see myself and maybe for the first time I REALLY SAW MYSELF and I liked what I saw. Others, strangers not just friends & family liked what I saw, so that compounded my growing self-confidence. And I began expressing my self through the camera's lens. Now today hell I LOVE ME, flaws and all. 

Get over yourself

For you it maybe a scar or blemish complexion, protruding eyes or big forehead, hey we all have fears or insecurities that we bring to the table. I've had clients that before they stand before my camera say that they 'don't take good pictures' that they 'are not photogenic' or that the 'camera doesn't like them'. But once relaxed and trusting that my aim was to bring out the best in them,  have been shocked and delighted at the end results. 


The bottom line is when you get comfortable with YOU (warts and all) then whether the world likes you or not YOU can let your light shine.